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Maria Toledo, Director, The Bridge Fund of New York City
Maria Toledo, Director
The Bridge Fund of New York City

105 East 22nd Street
Suite 621
New York, NY 10010


Last Year We...

  • prevented 717 evictions
  • helped 1,623 individuals
  • handled 8,669 requests for assistance

Of our income in 2012, we spent:

  • 90.5% on client services
  •  6.9% on administration
  •   2.6% on fund raising

2012 Budget Counseling

  • Provided 5,738 hours of budget counseling
  • Conducted 29 Money Management Workshops
  • Referred 28 clients to the tax preparation program of the Food Bank of New York City and sent out 905 fliers about tax preparation services in NYC
  • Helped clients arrange online payment of rent and/or open bank accounts
  • Enrolled clients in e-Budgeting

The Bridge Fund of New York City

A Program of The Bridge Fund of New York Inc.

For many New Yorkers, the year 2012 will forever be the year of Hurricane Sandy. In only a matter of days, this category 1 storm claimed lives, destroyed and damaged thousands of homes and businesses, disrupted telephone and internet service, flooded our subways, and left many worried about the future.

Media coverage of the storm helped to remind us of the important contributions that hard-working New Yorkers, like the clients of The Bridge Fund, make every day of the year. The stormÕs effect on these individuals spread to the people who depend on their work. As hospital and home health aides, for example, they care for fellow New Yorkers who are too ill or frail to fend for themselves, while also providing companionship and a sensitive ear. As teachers, school bus drivers and security guards, they help educate our children and ensure that they are comfortable and safe. And, other clients of the program provide essential services that make New York City businesses and communities thrive.

Helping these dedicated individuals hold on to their affordable housing, particularly when they are confronted with such unforeseen emergencies as temporary unemployment, inadequate medical coverage, or the death of a loved one, is a privilege. We are proud that, during all of 2012, The Bridge Fund of New York City provided one or more services to 8,235 working poor households in imminent danger of losing their housing. These services include compassionate listening, information and referral, more than 5,700 hours of budget counseling, plus benefits assessment and advocacy. Of these 8,235 client-households, 717, consisting of 1,623 individuals, including close to 600 children, also received $1,242,875 in loans and grants. These funds, along with the $757,136 that Bridge Fund case handlers leveraged from outside sources and our clientsÕ $720,371 contribution, helped ensure that the full amount of the rental arrears was paid and the Housing Court cases settled. We are confident, given our proven track record, that at least 90% of the 717 client-households who received both Bridge Fund services and financial assistance will be in their affordable housing one year after our initial intervention.

So, as my staff and I reflect on the above-noted accomplishments and look ahead, we wish to thank, first and foremost, Bridge Fund clients who inspire us through their example, including those who supported our work during 2012 through repayments of their Bridge Fund loans, totaling a record $95,554. We also want to thank our other stakeholders: our Board of Directors, funders, and colleagues in the homelessness prevention field, particularly the Human Resources Administration, Coalition for the Homeless, Catholic Charities and Housing Court Answers. We look forward to even greater collaboration in the future!

The Bridge Fund of New York City staff

The Bridge Fund of New York City
Program Activity 2012

  1. Assistance may be loans or grants, critical information and referrals, budget counseling.
  2. Bridge Fund households can receive a combination of loans and grants.
  3. Networked Funding is secured by The Bridge Fund partnering with other agencies.
  4. Clients' Contributions: Money accumulated by client, but insufficient to resolve housing crisis.
  5. Repayments: Clients can repay as little as $5 per month upto $100 per month.

Our Clients are

Home health aides


Security guards

Childcare providers


Factory workers

Telephone operators


Customer service representatives


School aides

Lab technicians


Store clerks


Fitness instructors


Medical assistants

In NYC, our average assistance is $1,763 per household.

Our clients pay 39% of their net income on rent

Of our clients, 37% are children.

Client Demographics:

  • 66% African/American
  • 23% Hispanic
  • 10% Caucasian
  • 1% Asian, Other

Advisory Committee

Gregory Floyd
President, City Employees Union Local 237

Angela Hollis, MBA
President Hollis Group, LLC; Formerly Director of Advancement, New York City Mission Society

Pritpal Kochbar
Property Management

Douglass Seidman
Attorney, The Legal Aid Society

Wingson Wong
Coordinator of Community Relations, Division of Institutional Advancement, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Erika Wood
Attorney, New York University Law School





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