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Margaret Scally, Director,The Bridge Fund of Westchester
Margaret Scally, Director
The Bridge Fund of Westchester


Our Clients are

Customer service

support staff

Government employees

Dry cleaning attendants

Restaurant wait staff

Hotel workers

Social Service Caseworkers

School aides

Home health aides

Client Demographics:

  • 72% African/American
  • 19% Hispanic
  • 8% Caucasian
  •  1% Asian

Of our income in 2013, we spent:

  • 81.3% on client services
  • 12.7% on administration
  • 6.0% on fundraising

A Special Thank You to
Claudia Santana
college intern

The Bridge Fund of Westchester

A Program of The Bridge Fund of New York Inc.

Commitment to Serving the Working Poor of Westchester

The Bridge Fund of Westchester continues its whole-hearted commitment to serving the working poor families and individuals in our community. In 2013, we helped to stabilize the threatened housing of 701 adults and children in 315 households. Last year, those we assisted also included victims of Hurricane Sandy, veterans returning from Afghanistan, and retired and disabled persons living on fixed incomes derived from previous work.

We are inspired by our clients’ strength and resilience in the face of serious crises, and  know that what we do every day matters to them. The people we assist are performing essential services from which we all benefit. They care for children and frail seniors, provide administrative support in retail stores and schools, and work in the areas of public transportation, security, restaurants and many other jobs that impact our lives every day. These hard-working individuals take home low wages and have little job security or benefits. They live paycheck to paycheck and struggle day in and day out to simply provide food and shelter for their families. Something as unexpected as missing work to care for a sick child can put financial strain on the family’s budget and lead to rental arrears that threaten the family’s housing.

The economic recovery has been beneficial for some, but finding good jobs continues to be a challenge for our clients. Recently, though, job opportunities are beginning to improve in Westchester. This means that our clients will have a better chance, with our help, to pay their rental arrears and remain in their housing. But for others, the continually rising rents mean that they will have to move out of the rental units or condos they can no longer afford. The Bridge Fund can help with the first month’s rent and other costs of moving to a less expensive apartment, where they can be stabilized in their housing.

Though homelessness remains a critical issue in Westchester, the Department of Social Services, the county government and non-profit housing programs are making strong efforts to house all homeless individuals and families. First priority will be given to helping homeless veterans and the chronically homeless. Achieving this goal will require many county, state and federal resources. The crucial role of The Bridge Fund of Westchester is to stress the importance of providing more financial support for homelessness prevention in the county.

It is clear that private funding will continue to play a significant role in our efforts to keep working poor families and individuals in safe, secure and sustainable housing. Thank you to our funders, our partners in homelessness prevention, and our volunteers for keeping The Bridge Fund a unique,
resilient and vital resource for the residents of Westchester County.

The Bridge Fund of Westchester Staff

The Bridge Fund of Westchester Staff
from left: Sharon Whyte, Margaret Scally, Jacqueline Melendez

The Bridge Fund of Westchester
Program Activity 2013

(see explanatory notes below chart)

The Bridge Fund of Westchester, 2012

  1. Assistance may be loans or grants, critical information and referrals, budget counseling.
  2. Bridge Fund households can receive a combination of loans and grants.
  3. Funding secured by The Bridge Fund partnering with other agencies.
  4. Money accumulated by client, but insufficient to resolve housing crisis.
  5. Clients can repay as little as $5 per month upto $100 per month.

Last Year We...

  • prevented 315 evictions & foreclosures
  • helped 701 individuals
  • handled 2,897 requests for assistance

In Westchester, our average assistance is $886 per household.

Our clients pay 42% of their net income on rent

Of our clients, 44% are children.


Advisory Committee

Karl Bertrand
President, Program Design and Development

Steve Cahn
JPMorgan Chase, Mortgages.

Gail Fattizzi
Executive Director,
Westchester Real Estate

Richard Hobish
Executive Director, Westchester-Fairfield Pro Bono Partnership

Harley Lewis
Congregation Kol Ami

Dennis McDermott
Vice President, Community Relations Northeast Team, JPMorgan Chase Bank

Maureen Maguire
President, Think Research

Jon Posner
CEO, Broxville-Ley Real Estate, LLC

Murray Shapiro
Social Action Committee, Congregation Kol Ami

Thomas Watkins
Formerly Manager, Union Carbide Corporation

John Weiner
Founder, the Free Books Store and retired teacher

Nicholas Wolff
President, Century 21 Wolff Realtors

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