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Margaret Scally, Director,The Bridge Fund of Westchester

Margaret Scally, Director
The Bridge Fund of Westchester


Our Clients are

Customer service

support staff

Government employees

Dry cleaning attendants

Restaurant wait staff

Hotel workers

Social Service Caseworkers

School aides

Home health aides

Client Demographics:

  • 72% African/American
  • 19% Hispanic
  • 8% Caucasian
  •  1% Asian

Of our income in 2014, we spent:

  • 81.3% on client services
  • 12.7% on administration
  • 6.0% on fundraising

The Bridge Fund of Westchester

A Program of The Bridge Fund of New York Inc.

Commitment to Serving the Working Poor of Westchester

In 2014, many in Westchester County saw their personal finances improve, giving hope for a more secure future. Yet not everyone has benefited from the economic recovery. Last year, The Bridge Fund of Westchester experienced the highest volume of requests for assistance in our 25-year history, and provided financial assistance to help a record number of households hold on to their affordable housing.

Like most communities around the country, Westchester County continues to see growth in the number of low- and high-skilled jobs but a sharp decline in semi-skilled occupations. Among the working poor, wages have stagnated, the cost of living is rising, and they are finding it more difficult to adequately provide for their families. Many work at more than one job to make ends meet.

Bridge Fund clients are neighbors we interact with each day – the kind health care attendant caring for your dad, the smiling grocery clerk at the register, the barber cutting your hair, the teacher’s aide helping your child in school, the security guard at the front desk, administrative assistants and social workers, and others whose services we all depend on. We see our clients struggling to pay the rent and put food on the table.

In 2014, The Bridge Fund of Westchester, through the generosity of our donors, stabilized 333 households, keeping 268 in their apartments and providing assistance to 65 households that needed to move to more affordable housing. Recent results of monitoring clients one and two years after receiving financial assistance show that 90% of former clients continue to be stable in their homes. Our staff’s expert case management skills allow us to better understand each client’s unique situation, and we provide intensive budget counseling to help them prepare for future financial challenges.

The households served by The Bridge Fund of Westchester cover a wide range of age groups, including families with children and a growing number of seniors. Households whose income exceeds the poverty line often do not qualify for government assistance. Our private funding from contributions of caring individuals, foundations, and corporations enables us to provide the help clients need to preserve their threatened housing.

As the new Director of The Bridge Fund of Westchester since March 2015, I am honored to lead a program that has one clear mission, the prevention of homelessness among the working poor. For more than 25 years, the program has worked to better the lives of these families and individuals in Westchester County by keeping them in their affordable housing. I look forward to meeting more of the supporters of our Westchester program.

The Bridge Fund of Westchester Staff

The Bridge Fund of Westchester Staff
from left: Sharon Whyte, Margaret Scally, Jacqueline Melendez

The Bridge Fund of Westchester
Program Activity 2014

(see explanatory notes below chart)

ASSISTANCE   Individals (includes children)   729
    Children   312
    Households   333
FINANCIALS   Bridge Fund Financial Assistance   $288,821
    Networked Funds   275,447
    Gross Assistance   564,268
    Clients' Contributions   257,354
    Total Amount Mobilized   821,622
REPAYMENTS   Number of Repayments   425
    Total Repayments   $20,449
  1. Assistance may be loans or grants, critical information and referrals, budget counseling.
  2. Bridge Fund households can receive a combination of loans and grants.
  3. Funding secured by The Bridge Fund partnering with other agencies.
  4. Money accumulated by client, but insufficient to resolve housing crisis.
  5. Clients can repay as little as $5 per month upto $100 per month.

Last Year We...

  • prevented 333 evictions & foreclosures
  • helped 729 individuals

In Westchester, our average assistance is $841 per household.

Our clients pay 42% of their net income on rent

Of our clients, 43% are children.


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Advisory Committee

Lisa Buck
Former Director
The Bridge Fund of Westchester

Karl Bertrand
President, Program Design and Development

Gail Fattizzi
Executive Director,
Westchester Real Estate

Harley Lewis
Congregation Kol Ami

Maureen Maguire
President, Think Research

Jon Posner
CEO, Broxville-Ley Real Estate, LLC

Murray Shapiro
Social Action Committee, Congregation Kol Ami

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